About us

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Hospitality Service Group is one of the grand stand’s leading hotels & Resort Service provider and consulting company providing excellent services to several hotels, resorts, retail and restaurant businesses in SC and GA. Over the years. Hospitality Service Group has acquired vast knowledge and expertise in providing various resorts services 

Hospitality Service Group is a “one-stop” complete housekeeping, maintenance, engineering, F&B operation management, marketing, advertising, development, consulting, Information, technology and accounting  prvider to hotels, resort properties, serviced apartments, club houses, restaurants and other hospitality assets. Hospitality Service Group is prides itself on its ability to adapt to a diversified rum while being recognized by its clients as operations intensive. We help establish, or rebuild, profitability, establish effective marketing programs and manage your new developments from ‘the dream’ to the first guest registration.

Hospitality Service Group enhances the profitability through marketing and advertising, initiatives and further investment in maintenance and upgrading, linen management and laundry service at industrial facility, well trained housekeeping, F&B, front office and management staff, whilst controlling costs and expenses. We remain technology driven ensuring highest level of guest satisfaction and maximizing the value of the hospitality asset

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Hospitality Service Group is a full fledged hotels &  Resort Service provider and consulting company with more than 7 years experience in this business. We understand our role as consultant and service provider and our professional obligations is to ensure that Owners investments are well managed and their returns are realized.