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Food & Beverage

The goal of our food and beverage operations is to provide a quality experience for our customers while maximizing our revenue opportunities through those outlets. The food and beverage focus is: Training associates and developing systems in a manner that will provide the guests with a quality and consistent experience
  1. Continuous evaluation of food vendor products with regards to food quality and pricing
  2. Utilize brand established relationships to maximize economies of scale.
  3. Annual Food and Beverage audits
  4. Management of food and beverage control systems
  5. Review franchise standards adherence
  6. Concept and menu development
  7. Food and Beverage financial analysis on a monthly basis
  8. Coordination of TIPS training as well as Food sense
  9. Management of corporate purchasing program
  10. Support and guidelines for annual budgeting

Below is an outline of the services provided by Hospitality Service Group to the hotels.

Food & Beverage Management


    Menu Innovation

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      Product Ideation Sessions

     New Product Research and Development

      Culinary Training and Mentoring

       New Concept Initiatives

       Menu Maintenance


“WOW” Plate Presentation



     Menu Engineeri

     Product Review

     Recipe Re-Engineering

     “WOW” Plate Presentation

      Profit Building Strategies


Product Development


     Operations Improvement

     Operations Analysis

     Best Practices Roundtable

     Labor Control

     Profit and Loss Management

     Service and Quality Reviews

     Inventory Control

Systems Development and Training


     Systems Development and Training

     Back of the House Solutions

     Front of the House Systems

     Customized Training Programs

     Functional Facility Design



Sales and Marketing


     Sales and Marketing

     Developing Sales and Marketing Plans

     Special Event Promotion

     Holiday Promotion

     In House Promotion

     Niche Marketing